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Who is van Bale

Van Bale Consulting is a dynamic company that specializes in sales and general management. Bale Consulting is happy to assist you in both consulting and interim management!

We are happy to bring suppliers and customers into contact with each other. That is our greatest passion! We mainly focus on the food sector (retailers, food service, the food industry), but we are also happy to be your partner in a different sector! With thorough market knowledge and much experience, we aim to help you succeed.

We can help you from drafting and developing ideas to implementing, directing, and finalizing strategic plans. Moreover, we can support you in product development processes. All this to determine opportunities in new markets and identify possible threats. We also act as an intermediary, where we bring our relationships into contact with potential partners both at home and abroad. This makes implementing your plans our task too.

Here, we are of added value for you. Hence our slogan: we are stronger together. In other words:

simply better together


Johan van Bale is the one who runs Van Bale Consulting. His roots are in The Hague, where he was born in 1970. After he graduated from his schools, his working career started. He first was an assistant buyer at supermarket chain Konmar Superstore. In 6½ years, he learned all the tricks of the procurement trade there as well as “how retail works.” He continued his career as an Account Manager at Alpensonne Nederland BV, importer of the beautiful German dairy company Ehrmann. Here, he learned the sales profession with the acquired retail experience.

After 4½ years, he switched to Menken Salads & Sauces in Sassenheim, which is a production company of fresh bread & toast salads. From the role of Key Account Manager, he became a Sales Manager and then the Commercial Director. He held that position for 9 years. He was one of the initiators who introduced hummus to this beautiful family business, which turned out to be a golden opportunity. Partly thanks to his enthusiastic leadership, turnover quadrupled in the almost 16½ years that he worked at this wonderful company.

An enormous drive and passion characterize Johan. They are not limited to the commercial side; his fields of expertise include product development and general management too. Here, his management experience is of great use. He is social, loves people, and is known for bringing out the best in them!

He enjoys developing new concepts and ideas, always thinking and acting from the possibilities within the company and the total supply chain!

With sales experience at home and abroad (with a focus on Belgium, Scandinavia, Spain, and Portugal), Johan is happy to help you find the right route for the introduction of your product or service or bring it to the attention of your customers.

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Who we are

We work from our office in beautiful Veenendaal in the Gelderse Valley. Click on the photo on the right to find out more about us!

Johan van Bale


I started my career at one of the most beautiful supermarket organizations back then: KonMar Superstore. There, I learned what gorgeous products are and how you can market them. Besides that, I simply learned what trade entails as well as what retail is and does.

Via Alpensonne Netherlands B.V., I ended up at Menken Salades & Sauzen B.V. The last 14½ years there, I worked from a beautiful factory in Sassenheim, creating high-quality products and fantastic innovations. Most of all, though, I worked hard to achieve a good collaboration with our customers.

For 9 years, I have been able to contribute to the growth of the organization as a board member. I have gained much knowledge from this experience: from sales to production and from logistics to packaging and product development. I can really enjoy that.

I am a people person and enjoy it when other people grow. After all, when people grow, the entire organization grows with them, and there is time and space for new initiatives! There are opportunities everywhere, which often requires tremendous perseverance and knowledge. That is who I am: I am driven and have tremendous perseverance. And I would like to realize that together with and for others as well, because we are simply better together!

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling with my family (wife and 4 beautiful children) with the camper. Camping and traveling are my biggest hobbies.

Nellie van Bale – Adelerhof

Management Assistant

I am Nellie van Bale, 47 years old, married to Johan, and the mother of 3 beautiful daughters and a son!

After I graduated from the school for higher general secondary education, I started working in IT. I grew from receptionist to departmental secretary to management assistant, after which I ended my career. For about 11 years, I entirely devoted myself to my family. For 6.5 years now, I have been working as a management assistant at a primary school.

I am accurate and enjoy contributing behind the scenes to an organization that runs smoothly. When Johan asked me not only to run our family with him but also to be his right hand at Van Bale Consulting, I did not have to think long.

Consequently, I would like to use my administrative and secretarial talents to contribute to correct and careful correspondence, administration, and bookkeeping of van Bale Consulting.

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