Growth and Coaching

How do we make sales more decisive and expand our turnover in the Netherlands?

Commissioned by one of our clients, we started to outline the possibilities where growth was to be achieved in the shorter and longer term. Thinking from the possibilities of the company, we have mapped the market and searched for new chances and opportunities. To balance this, we have also properly identified threats and weaknesses. Subsequently, we started working on the sales team by inspiring, coaching, and empowering its members. Our sales experience was of great use here. We also examined the entire organization. Where are even more opportunities within their existing customer and product portfolio? And where can we achieve margin and revenue growth?

A new organization

An organization that grows fast but lacks essential knowledge. It is not the passion and drive of the people in the company that are responsible: making the most beautiful product in the market.

But enormous growth requires more. How do we set up the (production) organization? Also, how do we make the supply chain most efficient? How will we successfully use the internal IT structure? And how will we structure the internal and external logistics? It is, therefore, of the utmost importance to place people in the right positions, where they have the highest job satisfaction, can (continue to) grow the most, and add value to the company. Finally, it is essential for employees to feel connected to the company.

Then, we were able to establish the sales department. Now, we are going to achieve the expected growth both at home and abroad. And we do it all with a smile!

Some examples of earlier collaborations:

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